Hi, I'm Christina Nghiem.

Veer Reinvigoration

for Veer





Veer brings personality and quirkiness in searching for the right image, illustration, or font for any creative project. How can we redesign the Veer website to improve the search, purchasing, and brand experience for creatives?


Due to an NDA, I can’t spill the beans on the fun design thinking we did, but I can share with you my role and what I learned.

Design Contributions

From a designer’s perspective, it was important for me to uphold the Veer brand while simplifying the experience. In this large-scale project, my role involved heavy interaction and visual design in the following areas:

Mapping Customer Journeys

At the start of a design, I worked directly with the product owner in gathering requirements. From those requirements, I mapped out customer journeys, especially for complicated areas like the purchase path. The customer journeys highlighted the actions a user could take between their start and end points for the task. In mapping out these journeys, I was able to see which steps were unnecessary or are pain points for the user so that they are eliminated in the designs.

The Process of Design

Using Photoshop, Indesign, and our Veer style guide, each of the design areas I was responsible for went through several iterations of feedback and refinement.


As the developers brought the design to life, I reviewed functionality and visual design one-on-one with the developer to ensure it was coded to spec. Oftentimes we would run into issues of feasibility in implementing the design, and the developer and I would brainstorm together a design solution that was practical yet didn’t deter from the user experience. Our design process involved many iterations, even after handoff.

Designing for the User

In complex experiences like the purchase path, I designed for simplicity by eliminating needless form fields and providing constant feedback to the user so they can feel assured and validated as they progress through the buy path. Also keeping UI elements like labels consistent in each step of the buy path helps users easily progress through the task.


For informative experiences like exploring payment methods on Veer through the Ways to Pay page, or finding contact information on the Customer Service page, I aimed to not overwhelm the user with data while also providing quick access to resources. I did this by condensing copy to display only valuable and contextual information (like the contact information of the office closest to their location), adhering to white space in the visuals, and making core actions discoverable.

Testing With Users

Along with product owner Nick Malone, I led the planning and execution of the usability testing of Veer’s new site. I contributed by


  • Planning the resources and schedule
  • Writing the test protocol
  • Conducting the test on participants
  • Analyzing the results through our notes and recordings


By observing actual Veer customers interact with the new site, we were able to refine the interactions of certain features that we couldn’t have possibly known without testing it on our customers. Usability testing gives a designer so much value and perspective - that is why I love being a part of it!


Through this design project, I improved my skills and knowledge as a UX designer through customer journeys, collaborative design, supporting brand and voice, and using customer feedback to improve the user experience.