Hi, I'm Christina Nghiem.

Hi, I'm Christina Nghiem.

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I aim to understand customer needs and behavior through user research.


I design simple and personalized experiences through iteration and collaboration.


What motivates me to do this everyday? At the end of the day I am helping everyday people accomplish everyday tasks, easier. It’s more than just revenue and market competition. It’s human-centered thinking.


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What I Can Contribute

User Experience Design

Competitive research, user flows, good ol’ sketching, wireframes, visual designs

User Research

Study planning, usability testing, analysis,


Project Management

Product strategy, project coordination, and a good dose of team collaboration

Fun Tidbits

The iSchool is my school

I got the lucky opportunity to have the

UW Information School capture a day of

my life as a UX designer at Corbis. Don’t



Angles and the rule of thirds get me all

excited. See my photography on Flickr.

UX Week interview

While attending UX Week 2013 in San

Francisco this past year, Maxine Denver

interviewed me on my experience at the

conference and what I learned.